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For current and aspiring performance nutritionists! The IOPN (Institute of Performance Nutrition) "We Do Science" Podcast, hosted by Dr Laurent Bannock, features a wide variety of leading guest experts (elite practitioners and scientists) with expertise in sport and exercise nutrition & related fields relevant to 'real-world' practice.

Aug 30, 2017

Episode 103 of the Guru Performance 'We Do Science' podcast! In this episode I (Laurent Bannock) discuss 'Hypertrophy & Individual Differences in Response to Training' with Brandon Roberts PhD ( University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. In this session we get into:

  • Defining Responders and Non-Responders in the Context of Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Muscle Biology and Adaptations to Resistance Training
  • Hypertrophic Adaptation to Resistance Training
  • Inhibitions to Hypertrophic Adaptations
  • Nutritional Influences on Hypertrophic Responses to Training
  • Molecular Signalling, Gene Expression, and Rabbit Holes

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